Resortbridge Systems
We specialize in the development of Marketing, Sales, Reservation, Point-of-Sale, and Accommodation management systems for the private membership, vacation resort, and hospitality industry, built on the platform.

Resortbridge Systems

Sales, Marketing, and Accommodation Management Software for the private resort, vacation resort, and hospitality industry. All built on the Platform.

Marketing Management and Call Center Management
Track the productivity of leads from your marketing channels. Manage your lead sources and call center agents with call center management tools and integrated telephony management. Monitor call center productivity in real time. Automate lead conversion to a sales prospect with appointment scheduling. Manage marketing channels independently and manage the productivity and effectiveness of your marketing channels. Comprehensive management dashboards to monitor and provide insight into all of your call center and marketing operations.
Reservations, Accommodation Management, Point-of-Sale, and Inventory Control
Real-time cloud based solution to manage every location in your company with central and distributed reservations capability. Reservations are checked against rules and membership benefits and can be customized to your needs. Custom accommodation rating engine with flexibility that can set up to auto-populate based on reservation dates, accommodation type, and reservation types. Full taxation support for multiple tax authorities within one transaction. Online reservation requests. Complete Point-of-Sale functionality with and cash management, credit card processing, and inventory control. Provides daily audit reports and integrations to accounting systems.
Membership Management
Manage your members, membership types, membership privileges, track membership accommodation usage, accommodation rate management based on member type, accept payments for membership dues and loans, accept member deposits for reservations, integration with accounting systems, manage member group events, across multiple accommodation locations. Provides a complete life-cycle history of the member, including all contact history, and notes, starting from the first marketing call, through the sales process, member services contacts, reservations history, payment history, and collections history, securely, and in real-time, within the Salesforce Platform.
Sales Management
Sales Tour management including, appointment management, automated Sales workflow, Sales Worksheet Generation, Payment processing, Finance Contract Management, Sales Contract Generation, Sales Rep Management, Sales Commissions integrated with member management. Sales productivity dashboards with comprehensive sales statistics.
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